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Community Tech Tuesday: Working in the SOC with Power Tools: Splunk and Polarity
Join us for Community Tech Tuesday, where you’ll hear from Polarity and our integration partner, Splunk. This is a great way to see how Polarity and Splunk can help you see the story in your data with Augmented Reality; overlaying contextual information as you work, giving you the right data at the right time, to make informed decisions and take rapid action.

What if there was a way for IP addresses, usernames or anything else you see in Splunk to jump out at you if you or anyone on your team has seen them before or investigated them in the past? That’s Polarity; it automatically shows you all the context relevant to whatever you are working on at the moment, and you see it exactly when you need it most highlighted on your screen.

Now with the new Polarity App for Phantom, you can use Polarity and Phantom together to quickly determine if those indicators highlighted on your screen are related to previous investigation(s), link to see what has been done previously, and move much more quickly through the list of tasks you need to accomplish. You can even use Phantom to automate your basic event triage/response and then automatically add your annotations to Polarity for context anywhere else.

Join experts from Polarity and Splunk, Dan Ramaswami and Tim Frazier, for Community Tech Tuesday on 10/13 @ 2 PM EST for a live demonstration and participate in Q&A.


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